How to develop a Solar Project ?

Solar Project Development :
The development of a PV project can be broken down into the following phases: conceptual, pre-feasibility study,
feasibility study, development and design. In general, each succeeding phase entails an increased level of expenditure but reduces the risk and uncertainty in the project. In practice,the progression through these phases is not strictly linear. The amount of time and money committed in each phase will vary, depending on the priorities and risk appetite of the developer. A typical scope for a feasibility study would include the items below
• Production of a detailed site plan.
• Calculation of solar resource and environmental characteristics.
• Assessment of shading (horizon and nearby buildings and objects).
• Outline layout of areas suitable for PV development.
• Assessment of technology options providing cost/ benefit for the project location:
• Module type.
• Mounting system.
• Outline system design.
• Application for outline planning permission.
• Grid connection – more detailed assessment of likelihood, cost and timing.
• Predicted energy yields.
• Financial modelling.

The development phase takes the project from the feasibility stage through to financial close and is likely to consist of:
• Preparation and submission of the permit
applications for the proposed solar PV project.
• Preparation and submission of a grid connection application.
• Revision of the design and planning permissions.
• Decision on contracting strategy (turnkey EPC contract or multi- contract).
• Decision on the financing approach.
• Preparation of solar PV module tender documentation.
• Supplier selection and ranking.
• Preparation of construction tender documentation.
• Contractor selection and ranking.
• Contract negotiations.
• Completion of a bankable energy yield.
• Preparation of a financial model covering the full life cycle of the plant.
• Completion of a project risk analysis.
• Environmental impact assessment.
• Production of a detailed project report.
• Securing financing for the project.
The design phase will prepare the necessary detail and documentation to enable the tendering and construction of
the solar PV plant.

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