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We Automate

The Automation Division offers turnkey integrated Industrial Automation Solutions starting from the plant floor (PLC/HMI, SCADA) and continuing up to the Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS). This helps us enable our clients in optimizing their process in return achieving the highest level of efficiency by maximizing system availability and minimizing system downtime, at the same time maintaining upper level supervision and real-time monitoring offering the followings

Turnkey PLC/SCADA Solutions

We take full responsibility for the engineering, procurement of control hardware and instruments, control panels fabrication, PLC/SCADA software development, field installation, commissioning, and startup of industrial control systems.


Control Platforms

We offer our clients the control platform of their choice; we work closely with the clients in order to guide them in making the most suited selection for their specific needs. We offer solutions based on the following technologies:

We are Recognized System Integrators by Rockwell Automation, Siemens, GE IP, Mitsubishi and Emerson Automation

Customized Industrial Software Solutions

We offer the development of customized industrial software solutions that interface with existing systems and processes. These solutions are made to fit the customer’s maintenance and planning or any other needs and requirements. Moreover, we have developed a plug-and-play troubleshooting and maintenance suite that has proven to be handy in various applications; our software developers have the ability to develop customized software for our customers’ specific requirements.

Field Instrumentation

  • Installation of Field Instruments
  • Installation of Field Cabling and Containment
  • Instrument Field Calibration Services
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Control System Upgrade Services

Industrial Solutions

We offer solutions for Discrete, Batch, and Continuous processes. The expertise of our Engineers covers a wide range of industries and applications including:

  • District Cooling Plants and ETS
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Boiler Management and Combustion
  • Steel & Aluminum
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power & Utilities
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals

Our Approach

Our projects are planned and executed following an intense project management methodology. Our project management methodology is closely aligned with Project Management Institute (PMI) procedures. This results in effective scope management, resource utilization, quality, budgeting and scheduling of resources and projects alike.

We follow the following six phase approach to execute our projects:



During this phase we understand the requirements of the user and the scope the project, plan for the project resources and prepare the budget and schedule. These elements form the basis of the project, and the source against which progress will be measured.


This is the phase where engagement policies are finalized and counter-signed by both the parties. The project lead works intensively with the client to understand the requirements of the project. They also agree on a desired solution and the architecture or process to be followed for development.


The phase when the actual project is carried out including the procurement of controls hardware and instrumentation, control panel fabrication, and software development. During this phase, the project plan is revisited in order to ensure that timelines are met and are within the budget of the project. This also helps to escalate any issues to the concerned parties.

Factory Testing

Before the final product is delivered to the client, it is tested by the Project team in order to ensure that all the requirements and standards are met.

Field Installation

If required by the customer, we carry on all filed installation of our control panels, instrumentation, and electrical panels including the controls and network field cabling and containment system.

Commissioning & Field Testing

It is the actual deployment of the product at the client site. This phase is carried out in accordance with the testing and commissioning protocol developed by the project team.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We offer Complete Operation & Maintenance Services by Providing  Professional Supervisory Team for O & M Services. We also provide Performance Monitoring & Efficiency/Reliability Improvement Services, Trouble Shooting of Electrical, Control & Instrumentation Systems.

Completed Projects

VASPA Automation

Chiller control System

Chiller control System for DRDO through Pair Engineers Pvt Ltd, Pune

VASPA Automation

Turbine Synchronization

Turbaine Synchronization Panel for 8MW Cogeneration Plant at Sangam Sugar Belgaum, Karnantaka

VASPA Automation

Power Distribution Board

Power Distribution Board for vulkan technologies pvt. ltd, Pune

VASPA Automation

Autowash Control System

Auto-wash Control System for fiat motors India, Ranjangaon, Pune

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