40% Subsidy on Rooftop Solar Installation

Central government is providing 40 percent subsidy to residential consumers and 20 percent subsidy to Group Housing Societies & Residential Welfare Associations for installation of Rooftop solar system.

The installation of Rooftop Solar system will lead to huge savings in monthly household electricity bills, while the remaining electricity will also be purchased by Mahavitaran at the end of each financial year through Net metering arrangement.

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy said households are free to get rooftop solar panel installed by themselves or by any vendor of their choice and a photograph of the installed system for distribution utility is sufficient to avail benefits or subsidy under the government scheme.

Earlier under the rooftop solar scheme, the households were required to get that from the listed vendors only to avail the benefits and subsidy under the scheme. But now Households free to install rooftop solar panel by any vendor under govt scheme

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